PEX Supplies 

Cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX, is gaining popularity in the plumbing world—and for good reason! Its flexibility and light weight add ease to the plumbing installation process. Let 24hr Supply be your one-stop shop for PEX supplies, from flexible tubing to tools and fittings.

Our professional PEX materials will help you install or repair PEX tubing in various applications. Elbow fittings come in both 90-degree and drop-ear varieties, and our expansion tool kit will help you install tubing in tight locations. You can also purchase PEX online right here at 24hr Supply!

For durable, reliable PEX supplies available at one convenient online location, there’s no shop like 24hr Supply. If you’ve got any questions about the PEX supplies we offer, please contact us today via phone, email, or submission form.