Why Smart Home Plumbing Technology Is the New Trend

Why Smart Home Plumbing Technology Is the New Trend

Homeowners and plumbing experts alike are embracing smart home plumbing technology as they settle into the twenty-first century. Smart plumbing is a hot trend these days because it allows homeowners to monitor water pressure, filtration, and other plumbing system elements with ultra-modern technology.

24hr Supply offers a variety of plumbing components that can be integrated into a smart home. Learn more about how smart home tech has entered the plumbing industry.

Water Usage Tracking

For households with multiple people and high-tech appliances, monitoring overall water usage can help residents determine when they use the most water. Smart water valves use high-tech sensors to track water pressure and usage, allowing homeowners to see which fixtures may be using too much water.

Smart valves also monitor water pressure and automatically open and close when needed to prevent water leaks and burst pipes.

Remote Temperature Control

Busy homeowners who are often out of the house take advantage of smart home tech to control their homes’ temperatures from afar. Leaving the heating or air conditioning system running when no one’s home can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. Luckily, smart thermostats allow homeowners to turn the systems off and on through a mobile app.

24hr Supply offers a selection of Viessmann wall-hung boilers that are fully equipped for smart home integration. Controls are adjustable through the ViCare app, so your client can turn the heat on remotely and return home to a toasty, comfortable space.

Personalized Comfort

With smart fixtures like toilets and shower heads, each member of a household can program their own settings for optimal comfort. If one resident loves high-pressure showers while another prefers a gentler stream, smart tech allows both people to have it all in one convenient fixture.

In addition, many smart fixtures have antibacterial surfaces and self-cleaning options. Incorporating smart plumbing into your client’s home can save them valuable time and effort.

Plumbers worldwide are embracing smart plumbing technology, a new trend that shows remarkable promise. Whether your client wants a boiler they can control from anywhere in the world or a smart valve that helps them track water usage, smart plumbing tech has it all.

Apr 28th 2023

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